Arch Real Estate Holdings Launches Its $700 Million Digital Security Offering After Securing Key Partnerships with Industry Leaders

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MELBOURNE, Fla., June 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. announced today that they will be hosting their official launch event on June 18th in Melbourne, Florida. The commencement event will mark the kick off of their round one funding raise of $85 Million, but their aim is to continue through three more rounds within 36 months in order to achieve their $700 Million goal. Project execution of the first $85 million would prove a solid ground for the following rounds to be successful.

Apart from clients and investors, the company will be hosting its partner companies, where each company will highlight their role in the project. Arch states that the company is proud of partnering with only the best in class companies to bring this offering to market. Among these companies, Polymath provides our digital securities protocol, Overstock’s tZero will be their intended secondary trading platform provider, bringing liquidity and securities trading solutions, PMI (Property Management Inc) provides the property management execution, Carrasquillo Engineering Services Group is providing the Architectural design, owner representation & code compliance, Prime Trust providing investor onboarding KYC-AML protocols, escrow, and trust services, BB&T Bank providing banking solutions, among others.

“It is key for any financial vehicle to have the ability to prove to their investors that after capital raise, project execution will be flawless. We can demonstrate this by not only partnering with the best and proven companies in each discipline but also by bringing them to our investors to address each and every one of their doubts. By doing this we provide transparency, we emphasize our attention to detail and expose completely our strategy to have an assured successful project execution. Therefore mitigating the risk,” said Omar Caraballo, CEO of Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp.

“Since day one, the vision and priority in our model has been risk mitigation and investor reassurances. We have developed relationships with the best companies to ensure our strategy is executed flawlessly, even prior to commencing our capital raise. Our shareholders are investing in a solid portfolio and stellar & experienced management team,” said Kim Fernandez, COO of Arch Capital Partners.

The event is invite only. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. directly.

About ARCH – Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. is a private real estate holding company, combining traditional securities and blockchain technology to diversify investment opportunities for accredited investors. Our mission is to build a more liquid model for residential real estate investments, create high tenant value properties, and reduce environmental impact through the use of technology. For more information, please visit

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