Four Ways a Water Filtration System Can Save Asheville Homeowners Money

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A water filtration system connects to the home’s water supply in a way that filters all the water coming into the home, meaning all sinks, showers and even toilets will utilize filtered water. The system is typically stored in a garage or basement.

Some of the benefits, according to Rose, of a water filtration system include:

  1. Reducing bottled water consumption – People generally report that filtered water tastes better than regular tap water. By installing a water filtration system, families that purchase bottled water can switch to drinking straight from the tap. Two packs of bottled water can cost as much as an entire month’s water bill. Just by switching from bottled water, a family could save up to $200 annually.
  2. Preserving pipes – Water with a lower-than-usual pH can cause pipes to erode faster than water with a more normal pH. The acidity corrodes pipes, which can cause leaks or worse. A water filtration device can lower the pH of the water before it enters the indoor plumbing, extending the life of internal piping.
  3. Extending the life of appliances and fixtures – Similarly to indoor pipes, appliances that utilize a lot of water—such as dishwashers and washing machines—can be susceptible to either hard or slightly acidic water. This can cause these expensive appliances to wear down more quickly. Likewise, faucets and showerheads can develop sediment clogs from hard water. This can limit the lifespan of those fixtures.
  4. Removing iron from well water – Homes using well water may find that their water is high in iron. High iron content will leave a brown stain on plumbing fixtures and clothes that is difficult to remove. It can also cause water to have a foul taste and smell. Drinking water high in iron can also have negative health impacts. A water filtration system can solve the many headaches iron can cause.

“A home water filtration system requires an initial investment, but in the long run it can more than pay for itself,” Rose said. “For the environmentally and health-conscious family, it can provide value in other ways, such as reducing the amount of single-use plastic water bottles in the home, extending the life of appliances and pipes, and protecting against the negative health effects caused by acidic and high-iron water.”

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