Kerala model an alternative to neo-liberal policies: Pinarayi

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Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has put forward the “Kerala model” of policies being implemented by the Left Democratic Front (LDF) as an alternative to the neo-liberal policies of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government and its predecessor, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

Opening an election campaign meeting for the LDF candidate from Kozhikode, A. Pradeep Kumar, at Chelannur near here on Wednesday, he accused the NDA and the UPA of making people’s lives miserable.

“In 2014, we had almost a similar situation as the people were fed up with the UPA government and wanted to throw it out of power. However, even after there was a change of government, the condition of farmers, labourers and the working class did not change much,” Mr. Vijayan said. The Chief Minister claimed that both the governments had implemented similar neo-liberal policies. “In these elections, we need to bring in a change and elect a secular and democratic government which should implement alternative economic policies for the people. In Kerala, the LDF government is offering such an alternative,” Mr. Vijayan said.

Mr. Vijayan also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of saying baseless things during his election campaign in Kerala. “Mr. Modi and BJP president Amit Shah should ensure that their party votes are cast for their candidates. We have reasons to believe that there could be trading of votes. It has happened before, it may happen again,” he said.