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Guest Post by Anthony Gilbert of TheRealFX Group.

If you’re a drone enthusiast you probably spend a lot of time using your drone to fly over all kinds of places and take a look. You may also take pictures, and if you are good at photography those pictures could potentially be worth something or land you some different types of work. One of the jobs you can focus on with drone photography is in real estate.

More and more listing photos are being taken with drones, and that means there’s room for hobbyists to start moving into real estate listing photos. Not every real estate agent is hiring, but if you want to have the best chance of getting an agent interested in working with you, you’ll want to be prepared. Here are some things you can do to get the attention of real estate agents looking for drone photographers.

Make Sure You Have a Portfolio

If you don’t have anything to show real estate agents, the chances of them hiring you to take photos for their listings are almost zero. But there is a lot you can do about that. A portfolio of home photos – that are of course taken with permission – will show an agent what you can do. Make sure you don’t take pictures of only mansions and luxury homes, either. Take pictures of smaller homes, duplexes, condominiums, and even mobile or manufactured homes if there are a lot of those in your area.

The more of a mix of properties you have, the more you show an agent the kind of photos you can offer. Making older or less attractive properties look good while still being realistic about the photos is among the best ways to get an agent’s attention. If you show you have an understanding of how to showcase good curb appeal, an agent will see you have more alignment with their business than someone who only takes pictures of a home’s facade and nothing else. Not all properties are show-stoppers, but they can still have good photos that are representative of how they will actually look to a buyer.

It’s Time for a Website

Once you have a good portfolio of pictures, you don’t want to have to carry it all over town asking to show it to agents. While that may work for some places, most of them will want to just see your photos online. It’s also much easier to send out a link to a bunch of different agents and realty companies than it is to spend hours driving all over town and neighboring locations to show people your pictures. To make everything efficient for you and for real estate agents in your local area, you’ll want to have a website. Then you can focus on getting that site information out to agents who may want to use your services.

You should have your portfolio pictures, your contact info, and other materials that may be of interest. A short bio is not a bad thing, and if you have a resume of others you’ve