Modulus Global Announces New Features to Revolutionary M5 Trading Platform – TechDigg

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“With the M5 platform, you can customize the source code in-house, then deploy the software on your own hardware. Or, if you prefer, Modulus will customize the product, then deploy and maintain your systems for you,” says Modulus Global CEO, Richard Gardner.

After years of searching, forex traders and brokers finally have a viable alternative to MT4. “In the past, other alternative trading platforms fell short,” said Gardner. “What’s special about the new Modulus M5 trading platform is that it feels familiar to MT4 users, but it is packed with new, advanced features, as well.”

Modulus has been developing trading software for over twenty years and consulted thousands of traders before beginning the design of the M5 platform. “The sky is the limit,” Gardner says, in terms of the customization options available. “Clients have more flexibility now than ever, with a customizable user interface and the ability to host anywhere, back test, set alerts, integrate with a website or CRM, build custom sales funnel integrations, secure customer onboarding, utilize fuzzy logic to do advanced pattern recognition, integrate with social media, and run advanced reporting with programming APIs.” The M5 platform is the first web and mobile trading platform to offer complete and totally customizable source code.