New Zealand Shooter Allegedly Made Money Off Of BitConnect Investments

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Last Updated on March 15, 2019

New Zealand Shooter Allegedly Made Money Off Of BitConnect Investments

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Brenton Tarrant, the gunman behind the recent shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, has supposedly made some money via investing in BitConnect according to a manifesto he posted online shortly before the attack.

In an act of terror, Tarrant went into two mosques and shot 49 people, significantly injuring over 20 people. Not only this, but the man live-streamed the entire thing to his Facebook.

An Act of Terror

Tarrant’s manifesto has an “Answering possible questions” segment with a few points of clarity towards his mindset. Here, he describes himself as an ordinary 28-year-old white male from Australia. He didn’t care much for education and went into the workforce shortly after high school. However, the shooter also claims here that he “worked for a short time before making some money investing in Bitconnect, then used the money from the investment to travel.”

The police during the New Zealand situation.

BitConnect is widely known as the crypto-worlds most significant Ponzi scheme. The project involved a Bitconnect Coin (BCC), which enabled investors to earn interest on locked-in prices of digital assets. However, everyone became suspicious due to its unusually high payouts and a lack of guaranteed pay at that. Despite this notion, the BCC token still made it into the top 20 tokens during the project’s heyday.

In November 2017, the UK government went after BitConnect asking for a proof of legitimacy. Then, in January, the group was the recipient of a cease-and-desist letter from the Texas State Securities Board. It was accused of failing to be open about user earnings and for misleading the public. Later that month, the company closed its doors, with the token dropping 92% in value.

Now, after the shooting, the FBI is searching for “victims of this Ponzi scheme” to learn more information about the attack, reports U.Today.

Nobody knows how true Tarrant’s involvement is, how much money he’s made, or if this manifesto is even actually his. It’s important to take this news with a big grain of salt, especially with everyone’s minds racing due to shock. What happened in New Zealand was horrible, and the latest in a long string of terrorist attacks across the world.

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