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Posted: Apr. 30, 2017 12:05 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

James D. Black and Tammy L. Black, property at 1426 Vermont St., to Bruce A. Arnold.

June Elizabeth Poepping and Paul Patrick Poepping, residence at 4004 Cumberland Drive, to Arthur A. Conners Jr. and Thelma I. Conners.

Rebecca L. Mast, Brian Terwelp and Rebecca L. Terwelp, residence at 2817 Vermont St., to Merlyn McKinnon and Nancy McKinnon.

RVTR Properties Inc., residence at 1129 N. 10th St., to Michael H. Carter and Kathleen A. Carter.

Derek Alberchinski and Leanne Stonebreaker, residence at 1310 S. 24th St., to Tammy L. Hogge.

David H. Oakes and Laura A. Oakes, residence at 307 Locust St., to Davis Living Trust, Ronald R. Davis, trustee, and Janice F. Kerr, trustee.

Richard E. England, attorney-in-fact, Mary Ann Thomas and Maryann Thomas, residence at 421 College Ave., to Janet Rossmiller and Leroy Rossmiller.

William C. Martin, residence at 2207 Sycamore St., to Kelsey R. Machens.

Emily Hendrickson, Kyle Hendrickson and Emily Lane, residence at 2701 Monroe St., to Amy L. Young and Jeremiah A. Young.

Koontz Development Inc. and M&M Land Developers Corporation, vacant land at 4634 Trinity Lakes Drive, to McFarland Inc.

Marvin E. Knuffman life estate, property at 1331 Hamann Lane, to Jennifer A. Bettis, Brenton J. Knuffman, Jason E. Knuffman and Laura E. Knuffman.

Kimberly A. Marold, residence at 1105 Payson Ave., to Michael A. Clow and Pamela A. Clow.

Timothy B. Spake, residence at 2631 Ken Ray Drive, to Bernard C. Weisenburger and Jacquelyn K. Weisenburger.

Vickie S. Nash, residence at 4927 Skyline Drive, to William Martin.

Melissa A. Milliken, residence at 829 Washington St., to Roger L. Hull.

Tara Elizabeth Claus, residence at 2835 Elm St., to Mallorie D. Cobern and Clayton R. Miles.

Barbara J. Klauser and John H. Klauser, residence at 509 N. 29th St., to Beverly Stephens.

Homebank, vacant land at 412 Spring St., to Mary A. Warning and Wayne L. Warning Sr.

Doris J. Dede and Thomas E. Dede, vacant land at 648 Ohio St., to Dale Hatfield and Karen S. Hatfield.

Trisha Briscoe, Matthew McCarty and Trisha McCarty, residence at 622 Brookfield Road, to Jesus Alferez and Natasha Maddox.

Katherine L. Barclay, Scott T. Barclay and Katherine L. Calfee, residence at 1820 Luxury Lane, to Julie A. Farrell.

Kevin Buss, residence at 4619 Barbara Jane Court, to Christopher K. Buckert and Darcy A. Buckert.

Charles E. Hull Jr., residence at 1623 State St., to Jason C. Boden.

Bryan W. Langston and Kelli A. Langston, residence at 3221 Josephine Drive, to Kenneth T. Jansen and Laurie A. Jansen.

Adams County

Ken and Denise Buckles Trust, farmland in Concord Township, to Hilbing and Schmidt Properties LLC.

David Maas, vacant land in Adams County, to First Bankers Trust Company.

Roger P. Thompson and Sandra L. Thompson, property in Adams County, to Sandra L. Thompson.

Christine D. McQuern, property in Adams County, to Douglas L. McQuern.

James R. Mullen, residence in Adams County, to James A. Melcher.

Bonnie J. Clark, residence in Adams County, to Arthur F. Drummond and Joan A. Drummond.

Matthew J. Paben, residence at 204 W. School St., Camp Point, to James K. Hutson.

Brandon R. Meehan, property in Adams County, to Charles K. Drebes and Ellen Drebes.

Joshua M. Stinnett, residence at 2135 E. 253rd Lane, Ursa, to M. Christopher Murphy and Yvette R. Murphy.

Laura A. Daggett, vacant land in Adams County, to Clinard Properties Inc.

Scott M. Bergman, property in Adams County, to Maria D. Bergman.

Pamela E. Dopheide, residence in Adams County, to Bryce Baker.

Carol Marie Blickhan, Carol Marie Haistings, Lucas E. Haistings and Robert Dean Haistings, property at 1338 N. 1720th Ave., Fowler, to Melinda Hazelrigg and Michael Strother.

Loren J. Lummer, residence at 1418 S. Lakeshore Drive, Fowler, to Dakota A. Downs.

Craig Lee Peters, Kent Edward Peters and Mark Edwin Peters, property in Adams County, to Billie Kay Peters Anderson Trust and Mark Edwin Peters, trustee.

Rebecca Raham, Rebecca Buss and Blake Raham, residence at 208 W. School St., Camp Point, to Joshua Cramsey and Olivia M. Cramsey.

Deborah J. Musolino and John R. Musolino, residence at 1312 Spring Lake Road, to Cynthia M. Griggs and Thomas E. Griggs.

Juanita J. Howell Estate, Linda S. Niehoff, executor, property in Melrose Township, to Kenyon L. Dennis and Sheri L. Dennis.