Residential real estate transfers, March 25 – Omaha World-Herald

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Klanderud, Brent J. and Brenda S. to Blankman, Matthew J. and Christina J., 7311 N. 155th Terrace, $322,000.

Winters, Kurtis and Britt to Eckleberry, Brian V. and Annette R., 8502 N. 173rd St., $278,000.

Legacy Homes LLC to Brandt, Derek J. and Kindiger, Lauren M., 8215 N. 173rd St., $270,503.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bang, Erica M., 14602 Gilder Ave., $183,487.

Kamstra, Robert and Tracy to Zeitner, Jenna, 15407 Tucker St., $169,000.

Macke, Tyler B. and Emilie A. to Lewis, Natalie G., 15408 Tucker St., $167,500.

Sierra Homes to Gufford, Kevin, 16923 Potter St., $56,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Faller Construction, 9043 N. 170th St., $46,500.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8031 Kilpatrick Parkway, $27,583.

O’Connell, William N. and Tracey L. 1992 Living Trust to Cawcutt, Michael and Kelly, 17710 S. Reflection Ave., $660,000.

Edward, Brink, trustee, to JAH LLC, 7718 N. 147th St., $158,500.


Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Trankle, James J. Jr., 1620 S. 219th Ave., $864,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Loerts, James D. and Sue R., 3632 S. 205th St., $585,989.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Silver, Jeffrey A. and Mary F., 928 S. 184th Avenue Circle, $460,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Sanchez, Gorka and Ria T., 1607 S. 207th Ave., $456,632.

Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Lautenbach, Scott D. and Kelly S., 2431 N. 188th St., $434,950.

Spangenberg, Brock and Kristina to Douglas, Robert and Brooke, 3107 N. 194th St., $425,000.

Lautenbach, Scott D. and Kelly S. to Muehling, David M. and Tracy L., 18958 Manderson St., $392,500.

Beacom-Sorensen, Cathy L. and Sorensen, Dale to Teshack, Joseph, 19211 Sahler St., $364,500.

Cabrera, Courtney N. and Marisela to Levitt, Sandra A. Trust, 1417 S. 208th St., $360,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Carraher, Justin J. and Lindsey M., 18930 Boyd St., $359,149.

Arens, Thomas P. to Hehn, Wes, 20757 Ames Ave., $357,500.

Fearnow, Austin and Kristin to Lien, Patricia and Cory, 19621 Harney St., $354,900.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Powell, Andrew J. and Stephanie M., 4202 N. 207th St., $342,625.

Charleston Homes LLC to Eyler, Terry F. and Anne L., 4902 N. 205th St., $341,250.

Fischioni, Nicholas G. and Casey to Stone, Benjamin and Robyn, 21721 Edgevale Place, $277,000.

Klein, Samuel N. and Stacey E. to Sexton, Dennis M. and Kristi B., 1600 N. 216th St., $257,500.

Sexton, Kristi B. and Dennis M. to Bull, Christian and Powell, Kathryn, 1204 N. 207th Circle, $238,000.

Jodry-Shafran, Margaret to McGinty, Jane, 908 S. 188th Court, $235,500.

Hurov, Lorne and Janeth to Bremser, Brett D. and Debra K., 23626 Hampton Road, $173,000.

Sobus, Andrea J. and Robert J. to Huckabee, Savannah and Dallas, 3812 Appaloosa Drive, $153,000.

204 F Street LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20456 C St., $138,000.

Nathan Homes LLC to Marasco Homes Inc., 3942 S. 207th St., $80,000.

Nathan Homes LLC to Marasco Homes Inc., 3903 S. 208th St., $69,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 19007 Boyd St., $58,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 18609 Sahler St., $55,000.

204 F Street LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 3942 S. 207th St., $47,500.

204 F Street LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 3903 S. 208th St., $39,500.

Blondo 186 LLC to Whisper Rock Holdings LLC, 18351 Lake Circle, $26,650.

Trout, Neil R. Trust of 2013 to Rosso, Michael, 1013 S. 188th Terrace, $306,000.

Chance, Blake A. Estate to Flipping Flanagans LLC, 21416 Shamrock Circle, $205,500.


Harrington, Vicki C. to Kinney, Rondi S., 555 Riverfront Plaza, $519,000.

Kingslan, Amanda M. and Marie-Kingslan, Amanda to Hill, Mathew J., 300 S. 16th St., $105,000.


1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Peterson, Kayleigh and Shirley, Raymond, 2015 N. 49th St., $175,000.

CESH LLC to Owens, Wes and Shannon, 2341 N. 67th Ave., $155,000.

Ethridge, Russell J. to King, Nicole, 5512 N. 57th Ave., $130,000.

Bacome, Adam and Mary to Arango, Adrianna B., 6060 Sprague St., $122,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Anderson, Treu G., 5108 Himebaugh Circle, $115,000.

Huse, Elizabeth J. to McCall, Mitchell, 2726 N. 49th St., $84,500.

Kulasiak, Julie M. to Thompson, James, 6615 Pinkney St., $80,000.

Forrest, Eldan to Loyo, Ronaldo E., 3018 N. 67th Ave., $70,000.

6646 Binney LLC to YK Holdings LLC, 6646 Binney St., $67,500.

CWALT Inc. to Coronado, Jennifer and Jesus E., 6051 Sprague St., $29,000.


Pusch, Jan E. Trust to Escamilla, Alvaro and Martha, 2945 Martha St., $100,000.


Jensen, Corwin D. and Angie to Poole, Joseph J. and Hahn, William J., 830 S. 49th Ave., $76,000.

Willemyns, Rose M. Trust to Gray, David and Rebecca, 3606 S. 51st Ave., $168,000.

Neary, Shirley J. Trust to Neary, Jane, 4831 William St., $100,000.


Zaucha, Rosa E. to Salazar, Christopher I., 4459 F St., $120,000.

Binder, Rita A. to Huber, Adrienne, 4488 Hillsdale Ave., $88,000.

Velasquez, Savina M. to Miller Way LLC, 5404 S. 23rd St., $35,100.

Sowokinos, Patricia to Sowokinos, Patricia and Quinn, 5108 S. 18th St., $21,400.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 3110 X St., $61,900.


Hamilton-Brandt, Christine L. and Roxanne M. to Ngoap, Alvin M. Trust, 1142 Mayberry Plaza, $230,000.

Hill, Marlin B. and Brennan Hill, Mary J. to Sacco, Gianluigi U., 905 S. 10th Court, $224,500.


Lambert, Rafael to Miller Way LLC, 2209 Spencer St., $39,900.


Alms, Bradley S. and Pamela M. to Rutherford Realty LLC, 2416 Himebaugh Ave., $122,000.

Daves Rentals LLC to Luvio, Rocio M., 3317 Franklin St., $72,000.

Krzemien, Mark Jr. and Tamra to Buchheit, Dana M., 4331 Larimore Ave., $66,250.

Birch, Sandra to Zamora, Margaret A. and Jonathan M., 2442 Crown Point Ave., $50,000.

Pulliam, Kirk L. and Cindy S. to Thomas, Bethany and James Jr., 3479 Boyd St., $37,000.

ITM LLC to Grayson Capital LLC, 4525 N. 41st St., $27,000.

Rucker, Tracey A., trustee for Rucker Enterprise Trust, to Nwinye, Chinwendu, 4021 N. 39th St., $30,000.


Spellman, Hugh E. and Colleen to Poole, Bryan L., 10199 Calhoun Road, $123,000.


Thi Properties LLC to Erftmier, Molly, 9742 Brentwood Road, $790,000.

Brockman, Evan and Jill to Smith, Sarah, 528 S. 85th St., $180,000.

Coleman, Gregory D. and Emily to Panagiotopoulos, Dimitrios, 1505 N. 76th St., $170,000.

Block, Layla M. and Matthew to Weihs, Connor W., 8510 Burt St., $155,000.

Cohee, Amanda S. to Esch, Linda J. Trust, 7805 Franklin St., $135,000.


Woodland Homes Inc. to O’Doherty, Daniel J. and Jennifer M., 3015 N. 178th St., $445,383.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Lemmerman, Gregory and Debra, 15448 Norwick Drive, $305,900.

Emery, Eugene E. to Freeman, John L., 15471 Jaynes Circle, $302,500.

Feltz, Jenny K. to Wilson, John and Jacqueline, 15011 Jaynes St., $275,000.

Muehling, David M. and Tracy to Bergen, Morgan and Brenna, 4864 N. 162nd St., $230,000.

Kavan, John J. and Rita M. to Danielsen, Bryan, 15212 Emmet St., $214,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Flechs, Julie, 17457 Ames Ave., $196,755.

Dreesen, Donald D. and Kathleen K. to Litz, Grant R., 16918 Tibbles St., $188,000.

Lien, Cory and Patricia to Hanson, Chas J., 15322 Binney St., $181,000.

JK Ventures LLC to Alapo, Victoria O., 5104 N. 154th St., $167,500.

Miller, Peter W. and Patricia to Loretta, Miles and Kimberly, 17019 Boyd St., $148,000.

Seikaly, Lois K. Trust to Potter, Brett J., 4924 N. 162nd St., $240,000.

Beck, Mary A., trustee for Beck Living Trust, to Scheer, Robert and Therese, 3325 N. 148th Court, $162,000.


EJ Torczon Family LLC to O’Malley, Matthew J. and Janna B., 5155 Ohern St., $160,000.

Longe, Brian A. and Simonds-Longe, Angela L. to Punch It Out Inc., 4807 K St., $152,500.

4157 South 62nd Street LLC to Flores, Hector and Bolanos Flores, Homero, 4157 S. 62nd St., $56,000.


Ricketts, Patrick M. Trust to Schiltz, David A. and Shannon L., 16723 Leavenworth Circle, $395,000.


Barnes, Jacqueline to Craven, Keith C. III and Kayla M., 10375 Redick Ave., $175,500.

Myers, Michael M. and Katie S. to Kierscht, Shae, 7412 N. 74th St., $170,000.

Trenou, Kimberly R. and Kokouvi A. to Hollis, Lisa, 7402 N. 76th Ave., $158,000.

Bar, David and Zornizer Bar, Audrey to Varela, Steven, 7411 N. 80th St., $139,000.


Hellman, Jason B. and Courtney F. to Hellman, Jered S., 10424 Oak St., $165,000.


Bader Construction LLC to Scheeter, Joshua and Mattie, 4964 S. 84th Ave., $225,000.

Rhodes, Brandon and Britt to Williams, Michael T., 5024 S. 95th Ave., $160,000.

Sargent, Daniel P. and Alison E. to Campos, Lori, 10505 U St., $160,000.

Lira, Eusebio and Karri to Panchal, Yogesh M. and Vinay Y., 5117 S. 94th Ave., $159,900.

Wirth, Bradley S. and Halmes, Sara M. to Halmes, Rachel, 4717 S. 79th Ave., $135,000.

Sullivan, Ronella J. and Phillip to Kim, Peter H., 10781 Berry Plaza, $87,000.

Couch, Kathryn A. Estate to Burroughs, Nicholas J. and Bilderback, Mindy N., 5202 S. 77th St., $138,000.


Diedrichsen, Brian and Lisa to Stichler, Cole G. and Katie L., 19294 Briggs St., $525,000.

Helms, Steve M. and Rhonda S. to Pratt, Michael L. and Kelly C., 16712 Gold St., $265,000.

Adams, James A. to Gutgsell, Vincent and Britnee, 3105 S. 158th St., $212,000.

Zadina, Douglas W. to Silvus, Zach and Kayla, 1322 Peterson Drive, $100,000.

Giroux, Franklin E. Trust to Hecht, Linda L. Trust, 1408 S. 175th Ave., $325,000.


East Campus Realty LLC to Haney, Patrick D., 120 S. 31st Ave., $374,900.


Albright, Frank R. to Lepesuastegui, Jose L. and Lake, Erin, 5023 Burt St., $265,000.

RME Properties Inc. to Monaghan, Margaret, 4913 Burt St., $210,000.

Robinson, Richard E. and Lisa A. to Miller Way LLC, 4807 Burt St., $105,000.


Blankenship, Brady to Colvin, Kelsy K. and Robert W., 4005 N. 81st Ave., $169,950.

HBI LLC to Distefano, Donna K., 6202 N. 80th St., $160,000.

Coston, Alicia M. to Bawi, Tluang and Rem, Sui, 6209 N. 79th Circle, $155,000.

Munro, Jada F. and Timothy L. to Morehouse, Jamie R., 8810 Sprague Circle, $137,500.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 6411 N. 77th St., $96,100.


Woodland Homes Inc. to Pratt, Paul W. and Kristine R., 4760 S. 198th St., $421,194.

Goodenberger, Aaron J. and Whitney D. to Harrison, Chelsea J. and Justin S., 15815 Berry St., $223,500.

Manchinasetty, Amarendra N. and Hemalatha to Mann, Christopher J. and Buckley, Kimberly M., 6214 S. 191st Terrace, $184,500.

Baker, Lad R. and Carissa M. to Veren, Clinton A. and Jamie L., 19382 X St., $158,000.


Treloggen, Tami to Cavey, Scott T., 6317 S. 120th Plaza, $270,000.

Harrison, Justin S. and Chelsea J. to Dowd, Mark and Archer, Gabrielle, 13524 Z St., $185,000.

Eckleberry, Brian V. and Annette R. to Fraley, Joshua N. and Wilson, Danielle, 5610 S. 111th St., $175,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 14089 Monroe Circle, $142,200.


Advantage Development Inc. to Subramaniam, Surendranath and Kashyap, Meera, 7538 N. 130th St., $449,143.

Newport Homes LLC to Weggen, Casey J. and Welshons, Jessica R., 11818 Whitmore St., $342,183.

Newport Homes LLC to Svendgard, Peter and Lisa, 12308 Reynolds Circle, $332,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Price, William R. and Cheryl A., 13932 Wood Valley Drive, $248,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bailey, David H., 13963 Weber St., $216,181.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schaben, Tyler J. and Jessica M., 13907 Weber St., $193,125.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 12918 Reynolds St., $130,000.


CJW Properties LLC to Dlugosz, Brandon and Claire, 3405 S. 115th Ave., $228,000.

Waterman, Marilyn J. to Stovall, Kenneth W. and Robin L., 1859 S. 123rd Ave., $168,000.

Truax, Bradley D. to Montanye, Joshua L. and Bethany S., 3229 S. 127th St., $147,500.

Wray, Rose and Steven R. to Bos, Alan T. and Gail L., 3357 S. 108th St., $63,750.

Somer-Shely, Tifany L. Trust to Bos, Alan T. and Gail L., 3357 S. 108th St., $63,750.


Rival Homes LLC to Feilmeier, Robert A. and Durflinger-Feilmeier, Lori G., 6628 Plum St., $406,600.


Kaldahl, Richard V. and Carlisle-Kaldahl, Barbara A. to Smith, Haley C., 15418 Burt St., $239,500.

Black, Jordan M. and Megan L. to Olson, Joshua and Kriesel, Amanda, 15126 Fieldcrest Drive, $205,400.

Swanson, John L. and Mary E. to Amin, Al and Akter, Nazia, 14526 Seward St., $174,900.

Rankin, Marvin E. and Latisha S. to Whitmyre, John H. and Kayla N., 15223 Parker Plaza, $170,000.

Mutchie, Kathleen A. Trust to Lebbert, Riley and Katherine, 12818 Dewey Ave., $275,000.

Burnes, Jeanne L. Estate to Rankin, Marvin and Latisha, 346 N. 155th Circle, $187,500.


Michael, Delrose to McCormick, Kirk C., 3206 N. 124th St., $200,000.

Big Red Holdings LLC to Heacock, Cara and Ryan, Stephan, 2607 N. 124th Circle, $200,000.

Shaw, Bryan L. and Stacy A. to Hunt, Andrew D. Trust, 2504 N. 142nd St., $177,000.

Steenhoek, Jeremy T. and Sarah E. to Benes, Brian and Muir, Kate-Lynn, 11032 Fowler Ave., $176,500.

Kropidlowski, Dale and Chanel to Wells, Austin, 5251 N. 126th St., $170,000.

Remelius, Randall L. and Sheila S. to Kinghorn, Jeffrey L. and Nancy A., 12713 Hartman Ave., $161,000.

Schallert, Cassandra to Peterson, William and Lisa, 6711 N. 111th St., $160,000.

Redemske, Bryan C. and Christine M. to Hope, Dorothea, 12937 Himebaugh Ave., $155,000.

Bowen, Kelli to Huerta, Natalie A. and Goscha, Hannah, 4206 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $150,000.

Ingram, Joel A. and Jennifer M. to Jay, Brian and Abigail, 2741 N. 129th Circle, $145,000.


Spence, Steve A. and Becky J. to Kennally, Richard J. and Courtney A., 1102 Hillcrest Drive, $180,000.

Hobbs, Ryne and Alberts-Plumer, Joni to Sobczyk, Jennifer R., 1105 Willow Ave., $125,000.

Andrews, Douglas E. and Charity to Steyskal, Danny, 14626 Elbow Bend Drive, $65,000.

Ritchie, Jeanette M. to Michael Town Estates Investment Group, 1710 Main St., $64,000.

Kreissler, Larry E. Jr. and Jennifer A. to Community Redevelopment Acquisition, 2022 Calhoun St., $55,000.


Greco, Emily A. and Salvatore C. to Hill, Lori T. and Richard B., 10515 S. 232nd St., $152,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Williams, Brian D. and Fereshteh S. Trust, 19302 Bellbrook Blvd., $370,000.

Home Co. LLC to Vaughn, Jenna L. and DeBoer, Monya, 19313 Greenleaf St., $315,000.

Jensen, Adam J. and Sarah B. to Rapaich, Drakkar H. and Lubbers, Sunita K., 21209 Stone Haven Court, $216,000.

Beacon Property Solutions LLC to Allen, Brent O. and Cassiejo B., 21416 Stonehaven Circle, $243,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7855 S. 195th St., $61,000.

Fools Inc. to Moyes, Ronnie and Arlen, 8004 S. 193rd Ave., $308,000.

Home Co. LLC to Sudtelgte, Kyle J. and Angela R., 8128 S. 193rd Ave., $305,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fisk, Kimberly R. and Daniel D., 11262 S. 114th Ave., $307,000.

Bryars, Janet to Peatrowsky, Kevin and Samantha, 1129 La Port Drive, $200,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Santoriello, Christopher N., 12101 Montauk Drive, $446,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Kline, Roger A. and Jaime R., 12211 Pintail Drive, $452,000.

Skinner, Lynden P. and Susan G. to McVicker, Scott W. and Halle N., 1421 Ranch Circle, $354,000.

White, James H. and Renee C. to Schlueter, Ethan and Gabriel, 2416 S. River Rock Drive, $208,000.

Igl, Chadwick D. and Ann M. to Barrera, Reyes, 7405 Legacy St., $415,000.

Warner, Brett S. and Molly to Cole, Christopher H., 831 Spruce Drive, $205,000.


Silver Dollar Properties LLC to Hightshoe, Bertha L., 1312 Edgewood Blvd., $188,000.


Woodcock. Daniel K. and Miranda M. to Hayes, Trevor R. and Rachel M., 12710 Forestdale Drive, $189,000.

Little, Christopher C. and Siobhan K. to Shaw, Patrizia and Daniel, 13206 S. 26th Ave., $214,000.

McVicker, Scott W. and Halle N. to Williams, Nicholas M. and Karissa J., 14108 S. 21st St., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Niles, Roy A. and Debra R. 2007 Meadowlark Lane, $271,000.

Bradshaw, Marcus C. to Fisher, Jeremiah, 3309 Sheridan Road, $156,000.

Webb, Stephen D. and Sparrow Webb, Laura M. to Bueno, Fernando J. and Wilson, Meggan M., 4310 Anchor Mill Road, $230,000.

Cabrera, Javier to Penaherrera, Gabriel E. and Sydnee J., 718 Cedar View Lane, $188,000.

Grijalva, Cory A. and Natalie E. to Thompson, Ethan and Valle, 9809 S. 10th St., $170,000.


Hammond, David A. and Valerie A. to Jurgens, Scott A., 8721 Bayberry Road, $160,000.

Nguyen, Long to Bussa, James D., 8726 S. 102nd St., $300,000.


Luppes, Steven J. and Colleen E. to Hassett, Andrew J. and Jamie N., 11917 S. 47th St., $394,000.

Keil, Ronald D. and Cheryl R. to Smith, Janelle R., 1514 Applewood Drive, $245,000.

Schellenberger, Donna M. and Schmitz, Lisa L. to Petersen, Aaron and Lisa M., 2009 Dana Lane, $278,000.

Clopton, Johnny and Donna to Buggi, Derrick and Jasmin, 2015 Eagle Ridge Drive, $240,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Srivastava, Ankit and Kumar, Nidhi, 2107 Skyhawk Ave., $312,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Tevebaugh, William W. and Darice M., 4515 Brook Circle, $282,000.

Pruitt, Christina L. and Chase to Tesnohlidek, Gary J., 5128 Lakecrest Drive, $185,000.


Vazquez, Alejandro to Kelly Gitt IRA, 15833 Briar St., $150,000.

Owen, Elizabeth H. and Jeffrey D. to Korcek, Bradley S. and Lindblom, Jessica M., 16007 Greenleaf St., $165,000.

Blankman, Christina J. and Matthew J. to Menon, Rahul and Ramamoorthy, Radhika, 16028 Virginia St., $260,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Kounovsky, Mike M. and Marilyn R., 18660 Hampton Drive, $531,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Hall, Bradley R. and Ashley M., 18813 Alder St., $337,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Baker, Carissa M. and Lad R., 18922 Birch Ave., $254,000.

Boles, Taylor D. and James K. Jr. to Glover, Paul G. and Sarah K., 7326 S. 183rd St., $206,000.


JMF LLC to Belt Construction Inc., 10818 S. 174th Ave., $55,000.


Kyle, Russell D. to Cudaback, Brandon W., 12935 Chandler St., $159,000.

Hazard, Matthew J. and Kelsey M. to Grohowski, Robert, 13815 Greenfield Road, $150,000.

Dubas, Sean A. and Tynes M. to Martinez, Harvey J. Jr. and Clarissa J., 7013 S. 140th Ave., $215,000.

Alvarez, Luis M. and Ruiz, Maricela to Chavarria Granados, Milton A., 8911 S. 142nd Avenue Circle, $153,000.


Herold, Douglas W. to Beltz, Aaron, 1203 Kasper St., $125,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Finch, Robert J., 2209 Myrtle St., $110,000.

Weaver, Roger E. and Mary E. to Andersen, Sarah, 2214 Lilllian St., $110,000.

Baideme, Philip J. and Danny M. to Taylor, Zachary A., 3911 Gertrude Terrace, $125,000.

Hernandez, Ana L. Estate to Hernandez Castaneda, Celina, 7613 S. 40th St., $85,000.


Whalen, Randy to Kratochvil, Robert J. and Rose M., 4514 Borman St., $210,000.

Cooper, Timothy I. and Kristin L. to Kline, Sarah E. and Geoffrey B., 4604 Schroeder Drive, $143,000.

Bank of New York to Hutson-Ly, Kaylie and Ly, Binh, 8307 S. 48th Terrace, $129,000.


Ware, Martin L. to Rathburn, Angela L. and James D., 2112 Ave. J, $135,000.

Davis, Michael J. to Clapp, Melanie and Shane, 1415 S. 13th St., $170,000.

Craig, Nancy J. and Roger K. to Craig, Connor and Larson, Laura, 1617 S. Ninth St., $103,500.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Samar Realty LLC, 1026 Fifth Ave., $20,000.

Shepard, Benjamin and Traci to Shepard, Roxanne M. and Brian P., 1809 Ave. D, $58,000.

Adams, Pamela R. and Rodney A. to Gibilisco, Megan E. and William R., 3015 Fifth Ave., $115,000.

Collins, Daphane T. and James A. to Crouse, Joycelyn, 2122 Ave. G, $145,000.


Finke, Mary A. and Richard C. to Perkins, Michael R., 111 Somerset Ave., $210,000.

Cusworth, Joseph C. to Wick Financial Services LLC, 212 Wendover Drive, $140,000.

City of Council Bluffs to Hiffernan, Patricia L., 15163 State Orchard Road, $175,000.

Neill, Judith E. to Nation, Debbi S. and Neal N., 118 McKenzie Circle, $197,500.

H & S Partnership LLP to Brown, Deena M. and Grady T., 217 Ninth Ave., $145,000.

Edlund, Connie L. Trust to Walker, Chad J. and Cortney A., 17570 Edgewood Road, $195,000.

Ahrens, Heidi L. and Zachary K. to Barney, Bronwyn J. and Marshall D., 158 14th Ave., $40,000.

Mass, Carolyn M. to Kier, Carol B. and Mark A., 242 Euclid Ave., $235,500.


Bald, David G. and Fritz-Bald, Sheryl A. to Davis, James and Janelle, 406 Glass St., Oakland, $148,000.


Freeman, Katharyn M. Trust to Stein, Diane L. and Thomas J., 21774 Mesquite Ave., Underwood, $210,000.

Snyder, Cheryl M. and Tom R. to Lammert, Alexandra and Jordan, 211 Fourth Ave., Underwood, $58,000.