The Seed Launch: How to Make Money By Selling An Idea

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You don’t have to waste time anymore on creating something that people will never buy.

I never thought that I could make money by just selling an idea with a seed launch. I didn’t know it was possible until I learned about Jeff Walker.

Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker is the founder of Product Launch Formula and author of the NY Times bestselling book, Launch.

I became interested in his work because Jeff and I play on the same team. We are both authors at Morgan James Publishing.

His flagship product is Product Launch Formula, a near $2,000 internet marketing course. That course is a detailed blueprint to launch your product by using internal launches, JV launches, and/or seed launches.

For many people, Product Launch Formula looks like an expensive, online course. However, it doesn’t look expensive when you compare it to a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing at a university.

Most people care about the return on investment. If I invest in this course, how much will it enable me to earn over the next few years?

In 2014, Jeff released a more affordable offering, Seed Launch Deep Dive. The course focuses specifically on a seed launch – how to make money from launching a product that you didn’t create yet.

This course has five video modules (audio-only versions included), 10+ hours of Q&A sessions, two case studies, and email swipe files to use in your product launch.

Whether you have an email list of a thousand, hundred, or even zero, this course shows you how to launch an online product, even when you don’t have an email list.

Basically, you are pitching a proposal for a course offering and selling it before you create it. You don’t have to waste time anymore on creating a course that people won’t buy anyway.

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