At G20 Summit, PM Modi says world at biggest turning point since World War II with Covid-19

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PM Modi at G20 Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 15th G20 Summit chaired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a virtual meet on Saturday where he stressed on the need for a global index for the post-Corona world which will see a major turning point for the first time since the World War II.

At the G20 Summit under the ‘Realising the Opportunities of 21st Century for All’ theme, PM Modi termed the Covid-19 pandemic as an important turning point in history of humanity and the biggest challenge the world is facing since the World War II.

PM Modi also called for decisive action by G20, not limited to economic recovery, jobs and trade, but to focus on preserving Planet Earth while noting that all of us are trustees of humanity’s future.

In a series of tweets, PM Modi said on Saturday, “Had a very fruitful discussion with G20 leaders. Coordinated efforts by the largest economies of the world will surely lead to faster recovery from this pandemic.”

PM Modi also said ‘Work from Anywhere’ is new normal in post-Covid world and suggested the creation of a G20 virtual secretariat.

“At the G20 Summit, I put forward a need to develop a new global index based on talent, technology, transparency and trusteeship towards the planet,” PM Modi further added.

“Multi-skilling and re-skilling to build a talent pool will enhance dignity and resilience of our workers. Value of new technologies should be measured by their benefit to humanity,” PM Modi said at the G20 Summit.

In another tweet, PM Modi said, “Transparency in our processes helps in inspiring our societies to fight crisis collectively and with confidence. Spirit of trusteeship towards planet Earth will inspire us for a healthy and holistic lifestyle.”

PM Modi called for a new global index for the post-Corona world that comprises 4 key elements creation of a vast talent pool; ensuring that technology reaches all segments of the society; transparency in systems of governance; and dealing with mother Earth with a spirit of trusteeship.