No shortage of commodities in AJK: food dept

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Food Department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has maintained that surplus stock of different commodities is available and that there are no chances of food shortage in the region.

According to a situation report released by the AJK Food Department, 6,717 metric tons of wheat stock is available in Food Department godowns and 910 metric tons in private godowns in the region. Likewise, 4,453 metric tons of wheat flour is available in Food Department godowns while another 1129 metric ton in private godowns. The report said the available stock is enough for next six days while supply of the commodities is continued without any hindrance.


According to the report, 1,715 metric tons of rice, 584 metric tons of lentils, 1,016 metric tons of sugar, 103 metric tons of salt, 12.8 metric tons of dates, 179 metric tons of vegetables and fruits, 80.9 metric tons of milk, 684 metric tons of edible oil, 8.8 metric tons of meat and 330 metric tons of poultry stock is available in the AJK. It said the stock of these commodities is available in all districts warehouses as well as base godown in Islamabad.

The report reiterated that there is no chance of shortage of any of the commodities in the AJK, adding that continuous supply of these edibles is underway. It said the stock situation is continuously being monitored on a daily basis. It resolved that no one will be allowed to create artificial shortage of the commodities in the region and that strict legal action will taken against anyone found involved in hoarding of the commodities. “The Food Department is vigilantly fulfilling its duties and continuously monitoring the stock situation in the territory,” the statement concluded.