Out-of-state flooding could provide price boost for ND produced commodities

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MCKENZIE COUNTY, N.D. – The price of North Dakota produced commodities could get a boost this year due to severe flooding in other Midwestern states.

McKenzie County Extension Agent Devan Leo says this year’s small grain yield is expected to be better than previous years; possibly even 10 bushels higher, or 600 pounds more per acre for some farmers. It’s good timing too. Surrounding states have experienced some poor weather conditions, so the demand for North Dakota crops could increase.

Leo stated: “The only thing we do know is the catastrophic flooding that they had that tore down grain bins and wasted thousands and thousands of pounds of grain. The weight on our shoulders is a little bit heavier because we might have to make up a little bit of that difference.”

More demand means higher prices for wheat, barley, and oats in North Dakota, something that hasn’t happened in years according to Leo. She says although we’ve had a wet summer that’s halted harvest progress for many farmers, the state’s crops are in excellent condition.

“We’ve got good crops and we’re going to be able to supply what is needed. I think North Dakota is definitely on the playing field this year,” said Leo.

According to the latest USDA crop progress report, Durum and Spring Wheat, Barley, and Oats all have excellent coloring. Because of precipitation the harvest is 20 percent to 55 percent less behind.