These were the most common real estate listing descriptions in 2019

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Have you ever struggled to make your listing description stand out? Then you’re not alone.

A new study by Point2Homes looked at 1.2 million listings across the U.S. in 2019 and found that certain areas of the home get brought up repeatedly.

After analyzing 65 million words and 1.2 million listings, the study found, unsurprisingly, that “home,” “room,” “bedroom,” “bath” and “flooring” were the five words that came up most often. They appeared in descriptions for homes of all types and prices ranges, from the fixer-upper to the multi-million-dollar mansion. Descriptors such as “great,” “beautiful” “gorgeous,” and “perfect” also came up in the top 100.

“Although bedrooms and bathrooms are obviously never omitted in a home description, making them the most common words, the room that gets the most attention is the kitchen,” reads the study. “The kitchen is the soul of every home and all the features, appliances and upgrades connected to this space are vital for buyers.”


For the most popular words used to describe appliances, “granite countertops” and “hardwood floors” lead the way. Some agents also emphasized privacy with “fenced backyard” and “covered patio” while others singled out spaces with an “open floor plan” or a “large walk-in closet.”

Point2Homes also found little difference in the top three listing words used for homes priced between $250,000 and $4.9 million. Across the board, agents frequently stressed “granite countertops” and “hardwood floors.” But for homes valued at more than $5 million, agents tended to focus on a home’s high-end features — “chef kitchen,” “pool and spa” and “ocean views” were among the top three. Descriptions also varied slightly depending on locale. Properties in the West might accentuate its “mountain views” and “natural light” while a home in the Northeast was more likely to have “ground pool” and “oak floors” in its description.

Overall, however, the descriptions frequently fell back on similar words. To make yours stand out, don’t ignore amenities but don’t rattle them off randomly, the authors of the report suggest.

“Descriptors capture and convey a property’s unique personality and style, setting the listing apart from other similarly well-equipped dwellings,” the report states. “Aside from mentioning all the features and amenities that buyers might be after, the description should also create emotionally stirring images, allowing the potential buyer to picture his life in the new home.”

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