WallStreetBets Announces First Live Trading Championship

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NEW YORK–(Business Wire)–WallStreetBets today announced it will host the world’s first live esports-style stock market trading competition, The WSB Championship. The competition, which will be held October 28-30 at America’s largest esports arena, will pit the country’s top traders against each other, using real money, to see who is most skilled.

The event will be held at Esports Stadium Arlington and live-streamed globally via pay-per-view. Over the next several months, a pool of 12 contestants will be selected from the public through a competitive application process. The organizers are looking for contestants as diverse as the one million members of the Reddit r/WallStreetBets community; professional traders, day-traders, and amateur investors across any age, gender or background are encouraged to participate in the application process.

“We are bringing the world’s first live trading event to the country’s biggest esports stadium to showcase the high-risk, high-reward mentality that in recent years has exploded in popularity with traders from all walks of life,” said Jaime Rogozinski, founder of WallStreetBets. “I launched the WallStreetBets subreddit in 2012 as an alternative to the conservative, index-investing mindset that prevailed at the time. There’s a place in the market for diversified, low-risk investments. This isn’t it.”

Contestants will start with an equal, predetermined amount of their own money, in live markets, and use only stock options to trade. The competition will take place during open market hours, and trading will be conducted through a broker to be named later. The winner will be the trader who makes the most money, or is the last player with money remaining. A cash prize will be awarded.

True Trading Group (TTG) will provide the proceeds for the WSB Championship prize. TTG is the fastest-growing and highest-rated online premium research, educational and alert platform for traders and investors of all levels. TTG is led by award-winning hedge fund traders and covers stocks, options and futures.

For more information on The WSB Championship, please visit https://wallstreetbets.net.

About WallStreetBets

WallStreetBets is an events company established in 2020 by Jaime Rogozinski, who created the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets in 2012— a large online community of traders who share high-risk investment and trading ideas. In 2020, WallStreetBets surpassed one million subscribers. Jaime is a serial entrepreneur and passionate technologist. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and is the author of WallStreetBets: How Boomers Made the World’s Biggest Casino for Millennials.

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